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a word of thanks.

Thank you to to everyone who has offered support, encouragement, inspiration, and friendship to me and to Art Tasting.  I am always encouraged when I tell people about Art Tasting and the classes we teach in the Children’s Home and senior citizen’s homes and they thank me and tell me how needed this kind of work is in our community.  I am continually amazed with the incredible people I am surrounded by; creative individuals with a passion for living a life worth living.  My values are informed and affirmed by the values of so many dear friends who understand or are in pursuit of the important things in this world.

I read recently in a book about patterns of successful people that one of the traits of these individuals is that they surround themselves with people they like, respect, trust and want to work with.  Thanks to all the wonderful genuine people I work/play with, I can honestly say that I exhibit this feature of a successful person.

Thank you for the roles you all play in enriching my life.  Lets keep growing together!