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spontaneous art!

I was sitting outside drinking a soothing glass of wine and reflecting on Art Tasting’s performance last night.  There was something (a lot of things) magical about the way that everyone came together.

From people  stepping up impromtu (including the incredible platinum record winning David McHugh) to the fantastic piano player/singer/songwriter I met at Salem College the night before (who ended up rocking some incredible original songs), something brought us together.  That “thing” is one of the most powerful things we possess: our creativity.

As my friend and Artist Way teacher Tim Binkley said (and I am paraphrasing), “All around us we have evidence of a very creative God.   Our creativity is something God gives us, and using our creativity is our gift back.”

We all have this innate creativity.  Its not something gifted to only a special few.  Its our birthright.  Its up to us to use it.  PLUS, its A LOT of FUN!

At the end of the performance, I joined the group of poets, singers, musicians, and painters that were drinking wine, enjoying each others company and JAMMING.  As I started moving/dancing and soaking up the power of this impromptu and DIVERSE community, I was humbled by the experience I was sharing with the outstanding human beings that were choosing to be a part of this night and this art.

I am very thankful to everyone that is saying “YES” to being a part of this ever changing experiment: Art Tasting, and I am especially thankful for the new nickname that was bestowed upon me of….Sue Diddy.