I gotta let it out!

Oh I can’t keep it in can’t keep it in
I’ve gotta let it out.
I’ve got to show the world, world’s got to see.
See all the love, love that’s in me – I said
Why walk alone. Why worry when it’s warm over here.
You got so much to say, say what you mean.
Mean what you’re thinkin’, and think anything.

Cat Stevens – “Can’t Keep It In”

This song best describes what became art: UNCENSORED last night!  It was a bunch of friends getting together in a safe environment where they felt comfortable sharing anything they felt needed to COME OUT!!!

From the strange, to the intense, to the hilarious it was all stuff we had inside that was going to come out one way or another, and its so good when it comes out in this positive, creative kind of way.

Thank you to everyone who decided to make this experience a part of their life last night!  Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped set up and to the performers who helped make it what it was.

You can’t write this kind of stuff, you certainly can’t force it, but we can let it come together and let ourselves let it in.

I am blessed and humbled more and more by the amazing and wonderful people that are drawn to being a part of everything that Art Tasting is becoming.  It is about the place, the moment, the people, and the art that is born from bringing all those ingredients together.

Congratulations to the raffle winner of the $25 gift certificate donated by City Beverage – comedian and artist, Ross Mihalko and his winning “grossest word”… VAGISIL!!!

Thank you to everyone who is drawn to the magic and are busy making it!!!

With love and respect,



spontaneous art!

I was sitting outside drinking a soothing glass of wine and reflecting on Art Tasting’s performance last night.  There was something (a lot of things) magical about the way that everyone came together.

From people  stepping up impromtu (including the incredible platinum record winning David McHugh) to the fantastic piano player/singer/songwriter I met at Salem College the night before (who ended up rocking some incredible original songs), something brought us together.  That “thing” is one of the most powerful things we possess: our creativity.

As my friend and Artist Way teacher Tim Binkley said (and I am paraphrasing), “All around us we have evidence of a very creative God.   Our creativity is something God gives us, and using our creativity is our gift back.”

We all have this innate creativity.  Its not something gifted to only a special few.  Its our birthright.  Its up to us to use it.  PLUS, its A LOT of FUN!

At the end of the performance, I joined the group of poets, singers, musicians, and painters that were drinking wine, enjoying each others company and JAMMING.  As I started moving/dancing and soaking up the power of this impromptu and DIVERSE community, I was humbled by the experience I was sharing with the outstanding human beings that were choosing to be a part of this night and this art.

I am very thankful to everyone that is saying “YES” to being a part of this ever changing experiment: Art Tasting, and I am especially thankful for the new nickname that was bestowed upon me of….Sue Diddy.



I just received my certificate in Nonprofit Management from Duke University!

This course further focused my direction for Art Tasting and expanded the tools in my creative toolbox.  I made unexpected friends here that I will rely on for their extensive knowledge and support.  It has been incredible to connect with such brilliant and warm individuals that are so passionate about the work they do.  I am inspired by the many examples I’ve witnessed this week of people that are bringing about quantifiable change.  We are all impacting the world one way or another, lets make our impact a positive one!

I am walking away with a lot of value that I gained through the course and a whole lot to process.  Thank you to everyone in my class.  I learned something from each one of you!

“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

digging in to IRS 990 tax forms and making interesting new friends!

first day of my “Non-profit Management Intensive Track Program” at Duke University!!! Wish me luck!

Thank you to Julie, Timmy, Henry, Hank, Maria, and Rachel for their encouragement and support in making this class possible for me!

check out my review of “The Last Year” – a new Greensboro Fringe Festival play!

a word of thanks.

Thank you to to everyone who has offered support, encouragement, inspiration, and friendship to me and to Art Tasting.  I am always encouraged when I tell people about Art Tasting and the classes we teach in the Children’s Home and senior citizen’s homes and they thank me and tell me how needed this kind of work is in our community.  I am continually amazed with the incredible people I am surrounded by; creative individuals with a passion for living a life worth living.  My values are informed and affirmed by the values of so many dear friends who understand or are in pursuit of the important things in this world.

I read recently in a book about patterns of successful people that one of the traits of these individuals is that they surround themselves with people they like, respect, trust and want to work with.  Thanks to all the wonderful genuine people I work/play with, I can honestly say that I exhibit this feature of a successful person.

Thank you for the roles you all play in enriching my life.  Lets keep growing together!

88.5 WFDD | Triad Arts Up Close – check out our radio interview!!!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Art Tasting’s performance at the Community Arts Cafe on Saturday night! I had a blast!

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